The Journey of the MPV Footwear

Aug 17 , 2017

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The Journey of the MPV Footwear

The journey of the MPV although still at its infant stage has been one without ummm, footwear!

The very first product we came up with was cricket pants.  It was an obvious choice given the very limited choices parents have when looking to buy cricket pants for their child.  Coming up with the cricket pants wasn't that difficult and thanks to our brand ambassador Mahuru Dai for helping us out what he thought would be the best type for the hot and humid conditions here in PNG.

The second major product we set our eyes on was footwear. You know, we need good quality shoes that can help us throughout the journey, so to speak.  Footwear was a little bit more problematic because of two things.

Firstly, determining what kind of footwear is ideal for PNG conditions and secondly finding a manufacturer that can actually do it for us.

The grounds here in PNG are hard as and it certainly puts a lot of strain on the heels.  With this in mind, we wanted something a little more like the 4wd type of shoes that could combat the most difficult of cricket grounds in the country.  

Thankfully, we contacted our suppliers and cricket manufacturers in Pakistan and India to help us locate a manufacturer and a couple of months later, a sample was done much to our amazement.  As you can see from the pic below of the sample, it is a real best of a shoe but so comfortable inside.

It has runner soles so it's ideal for all grounds in PNG.

The shoes are now being made as at the date of this post for a far higher volume and we expect the first shipment to arrive in November.

We'll update this post further and keep you informed how our journey of this footwear is going.

It's kind of exciting really because there is no local footwear brand so we're looking forward to getting it out on the field.

Looks like we're on the right "footing" so far!